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  • What is included in the package?
    Included is: - Accommodation on the yacht during the whole trip. - All expenses concerning the yacht. - Professional Skipper. - A cook that prepare all meals, groceries included. - All meals included. - All tourguides and other potential fees. Not Included - Scuba Diving, a separate offer can be made. - Your own Activities in Bequia Day 6, for example hiring a speedboat to go to Mustique, Scuba Diving etc. - If you decide to visit a restaurant instead of eating on the yacht.
  • How do I book this trip?
    Go to page "Book Your Trip" to register and book. You can also contact us to discuss the trip.
  • Do I need experience of sailing?
    No experience of sailing is needed. The Skipper and his/her crew (the cook) handles the boat perfectly well by themselves.
  • Do I need experience of climbing?
    No climbing experience is needed. You need to be an active person to be able to do all hikes. However, if you want to skip a hike, its not a problem!
  • Do I need to be fit?
    You need to be quite fit to do all hikes and have some experience of hiking. However, if you wish to skip a hike and stay back on the boat or on land while the others are hiking, its fine! There will always be crew on the boat and you will not be alone.
  • Do I need to participate on all hikes?
    If you want /need to skip a hike and stay back on the boat it is not a problem. The boat will have crew, either the skipper or the cook (or both) staying back by the boat during hikes.
  • Can I get seasick?
    It is possible. When we sail south alongside the coast of St Lucia and St Vincent the water will be calm. When we sail across the straight from St Lucia to St Vincent the waves are bigger. However, this is a trip of about 4 hours across the straight, and after we reach the coast of St Vincent the water will be calm again. When we sail from St Vincent to Bequia there are bigger waves for about 1,5 - 2 hours of the trip. We recommend motion sickness plasters/tablets to prevent feeling sick.
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